Episode: 3x16 - Kekoa (The Warrior)
Review: 3/5
Summary: The daughter of a murdered Lua master comes to Hawaii Five-0 for help. Steve decides to have a private investigator keep tabs on his mother.
Review of Episode // Episode Fic:

Good episode.

The beginning was interesting, because I was waiting for something to happen to the girls in that bachelorette party and than that car crash came out of nowhere.

I have to start by saying that the fact that Chin Ho and Kono had so many scenes really pleased me. I think it was fitting, considering that they are from the Island and have a more insight knowledge on the local culture. I say PL and TPTB do this more often.

It's good seeing Fong appearing even if it's just to give us a piece of info. Makes it seems more official that the tech lab is the one working the physical evidences.
I have the same feeling towards Max. I find his quirkiness so peculiar and adorable, that even with just one scene I get happy to see him on my screen.

Kuddos to Kamekona. I knew he couldn't be involved in it (mostly because of the lousy promotion CBS did with this episode - I'll get to that later). Smart of Steve to just wait for Kamekona to make his move.... it was clear that he was going to do something.

The main reason I was waiting for this episode was the participation of Summer Glau (I LOVE her). And she did a wonderful job as Maggie. I love her expressions and the girl knows how to kick a$$ (don't even need to say that I had a River Tam flashback).

For an expert in doing survailance on people, the PI really sucked... But Doris hitting his shopping cart was priceless. I love both Treat Williams and Christine Lahti, but I couldn't care less for Doris love life. I want answers to Shellburne, to her secrets.

I'll say that whoever was responsible for making the promos, both video and pictures, didn't do a very good job with this episode. IMO the video revealed way too much information over the case, like the fight club thing was only mentioned after half of the episode, so all the other leads were a mislead that we all already knew about. They also showed Maggie being thrown in that empty pool to fight the girl, so no big surprise when she got kidnapped almost at the end.
And the pictures, why would CBS release promo pictures of the very end of the episode?!! From the moment Steve hired the PI the conclusion was already obvious. So, I hope this doesn't become an habit... I do not want to figure out the whole episode with just the promos.

I LOVE Cath! But to be completely honest I LOVE Season 1 and Season 2 Cath. The way she is being written is not making me a happy fan.... if this is what PL had in mind when he upgraded MB's status to a regular, I wish he had just kept her as a recurring, at least then she used to have great and important scenes instead of most of what Season 3 has given us.

I can say that I really enjoyed the episode (way better that 3.14 IMO). It wasn't epic, but as far as standalone goes, it was pretty interesting.