19 July 2012 @ 11:51 pm
Review: H50 2x22 - Ua Hopu (Caught) (Episodic Challenge)
My mission from [community profile] h50land is to write a review or fanfic that has to do with any H50 episode.

Episode: 2x22 - Ua Hopu (Caught)
Review: 5/5
Summary: McGarrett captures Wo Fat in a special ops raid but he learns that the Yakuza have been trailing them and both of them are marked for death.
Review of Episode // Episode Fic:

This episode was, in my opinion, the best one of season 2, it was full of action, drama and romance, all written in good doses. Steve capturing Wo Fat right at the first scene was a great opening, and already hinted us that the episode was probably going to be fast-paced and set up a little mystery about who was the victim in Wo Fat's bathroom.

On a side note, it was so great seeing Steve again... I know he was only away for one episode, but it felt like he was away for a while.

I really wanted to see Kono and Adam together before, they were like my "most unlikely to happen ship", and I thought that if they ever shared a scene together it would've been something related to Yakuza business. I have to say that I was static when I saw the promo and realize that it was him in the shower scene, however the promo also showed the part where he pointed a gun at her, and needless to say that my brain went into overload and I thought that he was using her in some way, and she would ended up with a broken heart.
Imagine my surprise when Stephanie SenGupta gave us something way better, creating a deep emotional relationship betwen those two where the writing was done beautifully in a very succinct way.

Also, kudos to Grace Park and Ian Anthony Dale for the amazing interpretation where we could see that they did care a lot for each other, which makes me think that they were going out for quite a while. It was way too cute when he said that he was trying to make his business legit, so he can be intro I loved all of their scenes... I really hope that we'll see more of their relationship next season.

Chin Ho really knows his cuz, all it took was for her to defend Adam and he got that something wasn't right. Lucky for Kono that his overprotective cousin followed her, or else she would've stayed tied up in that abandoned house for a while.

We didn't have a cargument in this episode, which I think it would feel a little out of place since it was an episode full with action and drama, but the little argument on the phone, and Danny guessing that Steve was using cargo pants was priceless.

Back to the action... Steve being the smart SEAL he is, noticed that catching Wo Fat was too easy for his liking, and he was right, because since he had some kind of deal with the CIA, I'm sure that if agent Anna hadn't been murdered he would get away with everything.

And that's how the Yakuza get into the mix, because they were trying to avenge Hiro's apparently horrible death by killing Wo Fat, and in order to do that they ellaborated a good plan. Killing off the agent that could make him disappear, trying to hijack the plane that was transporting him (which failled because of our super SEAL), and then sending that hellicopter to get him so Adam could extract his revenge.

While stranded on the island that the plane crashed, the fight scenes were amazing, and let me use this oportunity to state that Wo Fat had that ass-kicking coming.

Danny following the CIA lead, and getting kidnapped was also interesting. Really liked that he showed some fighting skills when escaping that CIA safe house (I love whenever he does that lol).

To me the ending was perfect, from Adam listening to Kono and not killing Wo Fat, and specially the core four being re-united giving us the Ohana feeling that we all love.